Several sacred geometries are inserted to create the spacial intelligence of this high tech ultra 

modern kitchen. Full height art glass doors access your requirements. The splashback can be back lit providing adequate lighting to the workspace. Any ASSSS Design can be any of the other

designs to reflect exactly what your heart desires. This is the new HIGH FREQUENCY KITCHEN


Kitchen Glass Splashbacks & Doors


Wall Sheeting, showerscreen & window



Surrounded and inf 

A wall becomes a feature; or lining the entire wall in lieu of tiles, the space is activated into a high frequency sacred space, increasing all your attributes: concentration, sensitivity, creativity and consciousness. 

Surrounded and infused by the golden, aqua & black trees, fractals, Oxyllus elevates your senses into harmony, relaxation and bliss. A perfect space for cleansing and releasing a hard day's work. 

Wall Sheeting

Themis is a strong masculine & feminine fractal illuminating both the interiors and outdoors, especially closed flooding the interiors with a backlit golden mean. Sacred Geometry activating consciousness.

Perfect for a grand entrance front door.

Pivot Doors


Illuminating structures of trees vertically line the pathway. Elegantly colouring the space creating a sacred space, a sacred incline or or decline.


Bespoke Transport Shelter Art Glass